Imagine walking through the city and triggering moments in time. Imagine wandering through a space inhabited with the sonic ghosts of another era. Like ether, the air around you pulses with spirits, voices, and sounds. Streets, buildings, and hidden fragments tell a story. The setting is the Freight Depot in downtown Los Angeles. At the turn of the century Railroads were synonymous with power, speed and modernization. Telegraphs and Railroads were our first cross-country infrastructures, preceding the Internet. From the history and myth of the Railroad to the present day, sounds and voices drift in and out as you walk.

34 North 118 West plays through a Tablet PC with Global Positioning System card and headphones. GPS tracks your location to determine how the story unfolds as you uncover the early industrial era of Los Angeles.

Quicktime movies of project - big movie or small movie

“34 North 118 West goes beyond the previous artistic experiments in location-based media by combining the inventive use of GPS technology and rich cultural content. The project lets the user uncover samples of Los Angeles's hidden history as s/he navigates through the multi-layered depths of downtown's most poetic and surreal space. The result is a new kind of 'scripted space'...which is emotionally moving.”   Lev Manovich

CAST FOR 34 North 118 West
Narrator: Zoey Goetsch
Barker: Jay "One Take" FlatLey
Woman: Beatriz Marin-Alcantara
Working Woman: Felicia Williams
Railroad worker: Jerome Brooks
Railroad worker: David Petticord
Girl 1: Rachel Hirschfeld
Girl 2: Gina Giorgio
Uilleann Pipes: Patrick D'Arcy
French Bourbonnaise Pipes: Bruce Teter
Hurdy Gurdy: Curtis Barak