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back to homepage locative media tools in a multi-disciplinary setting

Contributor: Julian Bleeker

Chojo layers virtual objects on top of the “reality” of the USC campus

projectCAR, the most ubiquitous mobile device in the Los Angeles area, the automobile, is used as a platform to explore a kind of entertainment experience in the form of a mobile confessional

Tracking Agama

Mobile Scout

Contributor: Ewan Branda

Field Works: Art/Geograhy

One-day conference

Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Cultural Center at UCLA

Los Angeles, May 5/6, 2005

Thursday May 5, 7:30 PM: Screening and Performance.

Friday May 6, 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM: Presentations and Panel Discussions.

Contributor: Douglas Anthony Cooper

book: Amnesia, by Douglas Cooper, published by Hyperion and Random House of Canada

book Architectural Representation and the Perspective Hinge Alberto Pérez-Gómez with Louise Pelletier, MIT Press, 1997, on tools of representation and their influence on the conceptual development of projects and generation of forms

Landscape and Memory Simon Schama

The Art of Memory Francis Yates

The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci by Jonathan Spence (Chinese historian at Yale)

Greek and Roman handbooks on rhetoric: Aristotle, Quintilian, Cicero, and the anonymous Ad Herennium

Contributor: Carol Ellick

SRI Foundation, dedicated to advancing historic preservation through education, training, and research

Contributor: Anne Galloway

dissertation Urban Mobile, At Play in the Wireless City

understanding space and culture

Contributor: Elizabeth Goodman

Lynch's work on cars and cities

Ant Farm on the American highway,1970's (Cadillac Ranch)

interactive road at the Viktoria Institute in Sweden

groups through games

playful interventions

Chris Heathcote's 35 ways to find your location

Matthew Chalmers, at the University of Glasgow on seamless and seamful experiences

Contributor: Ryan Griffis

Temporary Travel Office

Contributor: Jeremy Hight

essay: Narrative Archaeologyhight, 2003

Contributor: Brooke A. Knight


speaker series at emerson college: Floating Points 2: Networked Art in Public Spaces will investigate work that combines or explores the relationship between the street(s) and the network(s).

Contributor: Paula Levin

Shadows from another place (Baghdad-San Francisco)

GPS and Art at San Francisco State University, Conceptual Information Arts, Art Dept.

Contributor: Christina McPhee

Carrizo-Parkfield diaries, an art work on quake terrains of two central California contiguous sites, called the Cadillac of earthquake Geomorphology

a new psychogenerative landscape work online with Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons

Contributor: Lize Mogel

Contributor: Andrea Polli

The Trial The Trial a virtual drama by professor Josephine Anstey

NYSAE, the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology is dedicated to exploring the role of sound in natural habitats and human societies. (links on the right to numerous online papers related to acoustic ecology and the sound environment)

ICAD, the International Community for Auditory Display

Intuitive Ocusonics system

and hear a more recent recording here

Contributor: Simon Pope

a brief biography

The Shape of Locative Media by Simon Pope, for Mute Magazine

Rebecca Solnit's Wanderlust (songlines, plato, walking, thinking, walking, narrative, storytelling

Nick Kaye’s documentation of Site specific art, performance, place

Objects, Devices and Investigations Venice Biennale, summer 2004

the navigation history project inventive projects which map information and place, traversing histories without GPS

Essay Art is Everything Business is Not linked from Ways of working website

(from Ways of Working: Placing Artists in Business Contexts, sponsored by the British Arts Council)

Contributor: Martin rieser

Riothere in Bristol, Nisi at MIT Media Lab Europe, and 34 north 118 west tend to deal with an historical past

book The Mobile Audience

and corresponding blog: (contributions welcome)

Studies on audience by Josephine Reid and Erik Geelhoed at Mobile Bristol

Contributor: Brian Roberts

book Narrative Analysis by C. Riessman and journal Narrative Inquiry

Writings on narrative psychology (Bruner, Mischler, Polkinghorne)

the International Oral History Association

The Narrative Study of Lives Journal - community stories and narration; group, ethnicity, nationalism

Ricoeur on links between narrative and time

book Heritage , Place and Community , 2000, University of Wales Presson the making of 'history' a communal level by local government, through leisure and tourism industry; by amateur and professional historians; etc. (parallel here with B. Dicks's study)

book World - Interpretive Biography Norman Denzin

book Narratives in Social Research by B. Czarniawska 2004

book Tales of the City by Ruth Finnegan

book Communicating: The multiple methods of human interconnection , Ruth Finnegan 2002 , Routledge: NY and London. On multi-perceptory connection

book Recording Oral History , Valerie Raleigh Yow

Contributor: Adriana de Souza e Silva


A great list of Location-based mobile games can be found here:

Contributor: Ryan Y. Sit

paper: Digital Photos as Conversational Anchors By Ryan Y. Sit, James D. Hollan, William G. Griswold, University of California, San Diego

Contributor: John Wilson

Wales' Digital Opportunity: Dave Hughes, Colorado (March 2001)

Howard Rheingold, Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution : Chapt 6, Wireless Quilts, pp 144-152, Tonga, Mongolia, the Rez and Wales: The New Electronic Frontiers, for Dave Hughes' wireless pioneering

Smart Mobs website for ongoing discussion

Community wireless network project in Cardiff, Wales:

video interview at the conference with Peter Cochrane (former CTO of BT), Focus on the First Mile: More Wi-Fi means more Fibre

ABC was then awarded the CNET Networks 2003 Award for Outstanding Contribution to UK Technology

Broadband access dominates UK tech awards, ZDNet UK October 09, 2003, 10:00 GMT

Wireless Utopias event at the Science Museum, London, summer, 2004 debate focused on different wireless models


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