pervasive locative media in practice


Eleanor Antin's 100 boots

Terri Rueb's traces project: geonotated memories

The Center for land use interpretation

The Gambit, by Kati Rubinyi, a short story controlled by digital compass

umbrella(dot)net by Jonah Bruecker-Cohen. Can be accessed by the navigation bar on the left of jonahs website

Amsterdam Realtime mapping project. see link to cumulations at top

Aware- a spatio-temporal weblog

The Locative Network, with links to location aware projects from around the world

social networking and navigation projects

Marshall Islanders stick charts are made with palm sticks and shells, shows the relative locations of islands and the prevailing swells. Used to navigate outrigger canoes in the open ocean.

Geo-caching , a massive multi-player treasure hunt

Play Undercover. The world is a mess. Get to work. Terrorism has become a critical and largely unknown enemy. Lunatics are making the world an unsafe place. This is our mission.

Urban Tapestries is a research project exploring social and cultural uses of the convergence of place and mobile technologies. collaborative authoring of information pinned to space via wireless network

Dodgeball: location aware friendster


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